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Retirement of Child Advocacy Center Executive Director

To: Mobile Area Media

From: Terry Ankerson

President, Child Advocacy Center Board of Directors

Re: Retirement of Child Advocacy Center Executive Director

Mobile, Ala.—Patrick F. Guyton retired as of March 31, 2018, as Executive Director of the Child Advocacy Center (CAC). Pat has led the Center since its founding in 1988.

Under Pat’s leadership, a model Interagency Agreement, written in 1988, brought together multiple community agencies “under one roof” at the CAC to coordinate services and interventions in allegations of child sexual abuse. This agreement was instituted to allow children and non-offending family members to come to one child-friendly location and receive needed help. The model has proven to be extremely effective in addressing all of the issues surrounding the problem of child sexual abuse and has served as a guide for other communities to emulate.

With the Mobile County Public Schools (MCPS), Pat’s leadership led to the writing and implementation of the joint MCPS/CAC Child Personal Safety Curriculum in 1990, a grade-level appropriate child sexual abuse awareness/prevention program that has now been adopted by many school districts in Alabama under the Erin’s Law passed by the Legislature in 2015. Pat was also appointed by Governor Bentley to serve on the Erin’s Law Task Force for embedding child sexual abuse awareness statewide.

Pat has been a passionate advocate and spokesman for justice for child sexual abuse victims for 30 years. His vision and leadership have resulted in a Child Advocacy Center in Mobile that is highly respected throughout the community. Pat’s dedication to the mission of the Center is unparalleled. In his position as Executive Director he has met with the parents of each and every child victim coming to the CAC to explain all of the services they would receive and reassure them about the process to protect and secure justice for their children. His leadership through three major capital fundraising drives has allowed the CAC to grow from 3,200 square feet to over 8,500 square feet today to better meet the needs of the Center and its partner agencies.

“The CAC will greatly miss Pat’s contributions to the Center as he has been a formidable proponent of child welfare. With the strides he has made in the 30 years here, the Child Advocacy Center is strongly positioned to meet the needs of sexually abused children now and in the future. We thank him for his service and wish him well on his retirement. The Board has formed a Search Committee and are engaged in a search for a new Executive Director ” said Terry Ankerson, President of the Child Advocacy Center Board of Directors.

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month!

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month! This month, ANCAC hopes to spread awareness about the effects of Child Abuse, and spread awareness of CAC’s in Alabama.